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Press Release!

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Check out the new Press Release by our Marketing/PR company:



Adjust: Compelling New Novel by Justin Mark Tackles Bullying Head-On; Urging Readers to be Proud of their Differences.

Mark’s powerful narrative shines the literary spotlight on bullying, post-war stress and the struggles of maintaining pride in in the face of adversity. Above all, it champions uniqueness and encourages readers to take bold pride in what really makes them stand out from the crowd.

For Immediate Release

Urbandale, Iowa – While most new authors use their first release to simply test the literary waters, Justin Mark has proven that debut novels are also an opportunity to tackle big issues in society and divert attention to them.

‘Adjust’, Mark’s first major release, grabs hold of society’s hang-ups and puts them center-stage. The result is a ground-breaking novel that is turning heads and winning hearts from coast to coast.


Eric is an ex-soldier, learning to adjust to a civilian lifestyle. Alex is an eleven year old boy who is bullied at school. Cindy is a high school senior who struggles under the pressures of society.

They all go through their lives, trying to adjust, struggling, when a major event brings them all together where they will change each other's lives forever.

As the author explains, his book is being released at the perfect time.

“Bullying is a bigger epidemic now than ever before. My book deals with bullying directly, as well as the self-bullying millions experience through post-war stress disorders. It’s a cocktail of emotions and suspense that keeps readers looped in right until the very last page,” says Mark.

Continuing, “Everything comes back to the idea of being proud of who you are – even if you’re different and forced to face adversity as a result. Bullying ruins victims’ lives, literally for those who take the final decision of suicide. My characters encourage readers from all walks of life to be proud of who they are and champion their individuality.”

This character development is what Mark believes allows his writing to stand head and shoulders above similar books.

“My narrative drags readers in so they can feel close to the characters, empathize with them and almost experience everything through their eyes. This is a powerful concept that runs deep throughout every page,” he adds.

With the book’s demand increasing, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘Adjust’ is available now:


Things are happening fast!

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What a roller coaster ride it's been!  Watching the book sell has been exciting and I keep waiting to hear what people think!  Through my first time publishing I've already learned so mcuh and continue to learn as I go. 

For those of you that have purchased a copy of the book already - THANK YOU!  Whether you like it or not, please be sure to leave me a review.  If you purchased on Amazon you can leave it there, otherwise you can leave your review here:

If you have not purchased a book yet and want to - you can find it on Amazon by searching for the book title "Adjust" or by my name "Justin Mark". 

Before announcing the rest of my news I'd like to thank everybody who purchased my book as well as those that supported me through the entire process! 

Stay tuned to the website and the newsletter!  In the next few months you'll have the opportunity to attend book readings, blog tours, Q&A sessions, as well as the unveiling of my next book cover.  The 2nd book is an unrelated story to Adjust and a little bit different of a style but I think many of you will enjoy it. 

Name of book to be announced in January! 

Completed Book!

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Breaking News:  Justin Mark's debut novel Adjust has been completed.  It is currently in the editing stages and will be available very, very soon for purchase.  Check back soon and often for the release.  We are planning on GREAT deals on the first weekend of release on the book so make sure you get a copy then!

Upcoming Books

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Author Justin Mark is planning on releasing his first eBook on November 13th, 2013, just in time for the holidays!  This book follows the story of a soldier trying to adjust to life as a civilian, a boy dealing with bullying at school and abuse at home, and a high school girl dealing with today's societal expectations as well as bullying.  Their three paths will cross and they will change each other's lives forever.  Check back soon for a sneak peak!